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Paper: Heating Magnetar Surface from the Crust
Volume: 466, Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars
Page: 237
Authors: Kaminker, A. D.; Kaurov, A. A.; Potekhin, A. Y.; Yakovlev, D. G.
Abstract: We study thermal structure of magnetars as highly magnetized neutron stars with internal heat sources in the crust. We show that heat does not tend spread along the surface. Most economical heaters are those placed in the outer crust in the form of hot layers (hot spots) under certain parts of the surface. The required heat intensity is consistent with Ohmic dissipation of electric currents within the heater. This dissipation of the magnetic energy, that is transported to the heater during magnetar life, can power quasi-persistent emission of magnetars.
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