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Paper: A Two-moment Radiation Hydrodynamics Module in ATHENA Using a Godunov Method
Volume: 474, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM2012)
Page: 277
Authors: Skinner, M. A.; Ostriker, E. C.
Abstract: We describe a module for the Athena code that solves the grey equations of radiation hydrodynamics (RHD) using a local variable Eddington tensor (VET) based on the M1 closure of the two-moment hierarchy of the transfer equation. The variables are updated via a combination of explicit Godunov methods to advance the gas and radiation variables including the non-stiff source terms, and a local implicit method to integrate the stiff source terms. We employ the reduced speed of light approximation (RSLA) with subcycling of the radiation variables in order to reduce computational costs. The streaming and diffusion limits are well-described by the M1 closure model, and our implementation shows excellent behavior for problems containing both regimes simultaneously. Our operator-split method is ideally suited for problems with a slowly-varying radiation field and dynamical gas flows, in which the effect of the RSLA is minimal.
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