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Paper: Differential Seismic Modeling of Stars
Volume: 479, Progress in Physics of the Sun and Stars
Page: 149
Authors: Ozel, N.; Mosser, B.; Dupret, M.-A.; Bruntt, H.; Barban, C.; Deheuvels, S.; García, R. A.; Michel, E.; Samadi, R.; Baudin, F.; Régulo, C.; Auvergne, M.; Baglin, A.; Catala, C.; Morel, P.; Pichon, B.
Abstract: CoRoT (Convection Rotation and planetary Transits) observations provide the opportunity to study a large sample of stars ranging from the Main Sequence (MS) to the Red Giant Branch. With the large increase in the number of stars showing solar-like oscillations, we intend to extract as much information as possible from a low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) oscillation spectrum, benefiting from comparison with a reference star having similar seismic and fundamental parameters. We propose a differential method to determine stellar properties of solar-like oscillations which we call “differential seismology of stellar twins”.
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