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Paper: MUCHFUSS: Status and Highlights
Volume: 481, 6th Meeting on Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
Page: 243
Authors: Geier, S.; Kupfer, T.; Barlow, B; Schaffenroth, V.; Fürst, F.; Heuser, C.; Ziegerer, E.; Heber, U.; Marsh, T.; Maxted, P.; Østensen, R.; O'Toole, S.; Gänsicke, B.; Napiwotzki, R.
Abstract: The MUCHFUSS project aims at finding sdBs with massive compact companions. Here we report on the current status of our spectroscopic and photometric follow-up campaigns and present some highlight results. We derive orbital solutions of seven new sdB binaries and estimate the fraction of close substellar companions to sdBs. Finally, we present an ultracompact sdB+WD binary as possible progenitor of a thermonuclear supernova and connect it to the only known hypervelocity subdwarf star, which might be the donor remnant of such an event.
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