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Paper: The Alignment of Spin Vectors of Spiral Galaxies in Filaments
Volume: 486, Multi-Spin Galaxies
Page: 137
Authors: Abdullah, A. H.; Kroupa, P.
Abstract: The relative orientation of galaxies with respect to their large-scale environment can provide crucial evidence for the galaxy formation and evolution that follow from the different scenarios proposed for the origin of galaxies. We measured the angle between the projected spin vector of a sample of spiral galaxies at redshift z≃0.0055 and their host filaments by using the data from the Hyper-linked Extragalactic Database. The filaments are described by best-fitting straight lines using linear regression. We found no significant statistical evidence for an alignment of galaxy spin vectors with respect to their host filaments. This result is consistent with the hierarchical scenario of galaxy formation which predicts random directions of galaxy spin vectors.
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