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Paper: Kinematic Transitions and Streams in Galaxy Halos
Volume: 486, Multi-Spin Galaxies
Page: 169
Authors: Romanowsky, A. J.; Arnold, J. A.; Brodie, J. P.; Foster, C.; Forbes, D. A.; Lux, H.; Martínez-Delgado, D.; Strader, J.; Zibetti, S.; SLUGGS Team
Abstract: The chemo-dynamics of galaxy halos beyond the Local Group may now be mapped out through the use of globular clusters and planetary nebulae as bright tracer objects, along with deep multi-slit spectroscopy of the integrated stellar light. We present results from surveying nearby early-type galaxies, including evidence for kinematically distinct halos that may reflect two-phase galaxy assembly. We also demonstrate the utility of the tracer approach in measuring the kinematics of a stellar substructures around the Umbrella Galaxy, which allow us to reconstruct the progenitor properties and stream orbit.
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