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Paper: ObsTac: Automated Execution of Dark Energy Survey Observing Tactics
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 77
Authors: Neilsen, E.; Annis, J.
Abstract: The Dark Energy Survey is a multi-filter survey of the southern galactic cap with two components: a wide component which visits many fields, each ten times over the course of five years; and a time-domain component of ten fields revisited on a regular cadence in each of four filters through the survey. Optimal selection of an observation for any particular time depends on many factors, including weather (including seeing), moon position and phase, image quality of already collected exposures, and others. ObsTac is the component of the observing software system that automates selection of observations based on current conditions. It integrates with the observing software through an observing queue, supporting interactive intervention by observers. It has a modular structure that simplifies replacement of different components of the system, including the implementation of the tactics algorithms themselves and interfaces with data sources that supply, for example, weather and progress data. In addition to its use in observing, obsTac may also be used to run simulations to evaluate strategic and tactical algorithms based on archival weather data.
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