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Paper: The SOFIA DCS Persistent Store: Maintaining Science and Mission Data in the Long Term
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 171
Authors: Krzaczek, R.; Shuping, R.; Lin, L.; Sun, L.; Charcos-Llorens, M.; Alles, R.; Perez, R.
Abstract: The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) is an airborne astronomical observatory comprised of a 2.5 meter infrared telescope mounted in the aft section of a Boeing 747SP aircraft that flies at operational altitudes between 37 000 and 45 000 feet, above 99% of atmospheric water vapor. SOFIA is projected to collect data over a 20 year lifetime, using a growing variety of instruments and observational modes. This in turn poses significant challenges for the long term maintenance and storage of science and mission data, as well as the delivery of that data to the astronomical community. Herein we present some aspects from the design of the SOFIA Data Cycle System (DCS) Persistent Store, which collects, maintains, and ultimately delivers all mission, science, and processed data to our end users. Features such as DCS Data Integrity, ensuring that all files are uncorrupted during their entire lifetime, from collection and generation through delivery to a user's desktop, are efficiently enabled by the Persistent Store. Key techniques in its implementation, such as the adoption of content addressable storage and inode indexing, are presented as well. Finally, both planned and unplanned benefits from our adoption of the Persistent Store are briefly detailed.
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