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Paper: BDB: The Binary Star Database
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 247
Authors: Dluzhnevskaya, O.; Kaygorodov, P.; Kovaleva, D.; Malkov, O.
Abstract: Description of the Binary star DataBase (BDB,, the world's principal database of binary and multiple systems of all observational types, is presented in the paper. BDB contains data on physical and positional parameters of 100,000 components of 40,000 systems of multiplicity 2 to 20, belonging to various observational types: visual, spectroscopic, eclipsing, etc. Information on these types of binaries is obtained from heterogeneous sources of data – astronomical and. Organization of the information is based on the careful cross-identification of the objects. BDB can be queried by star identifier, coordinates, and other parameters.
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