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Paper: Create and Publish a Hierarchical Progressive Survey (HiPS)
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 281
Authors: Fernique, P.; Boch, T.; Pineau, F.; Oberto, A.
Abstract: Since 2009, the CDS promotes a method for visualizing based on the HEALPix sky tessellation. This method, called “Hierarchical Progressive Survey" or HiPS, allows one to display a survey progressively. It is particularly suited for all-sky surveys or deep fields. This visualization method is now integrated in several applications, notably Aladin, the SiTools/MIZAR CNES framework, and the recent HTML5 “Aladin Lite". Also, more than one hundred surveys are already available in this view mode. In this article, we will present the progress concerning this method and its recent adaptation to the astronomical catalogs such as the GAIA simulation.
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