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Paper: Employing the Technology of Virtual Observatory as the Fundamental Framework for the CCD Photometry Survey
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 305
Authors: Škoda, P.; Hroch, F.; Nádvorník, J.; Mikhailova, D.
Abstract: The project of Ondřejov Southern Photometry Survey (OSPS) is an attempt to exploit the wealth of temporal information contained in multi-colour CCD photometry obtained with 1.54m Danish telescope at La Silla in remote observing mode by several groups of Czech astronomers working on different scientific programs and various primary targets. The OSPS realizes the idea of an automatic extraction of multi-colour light curves from every celestial object identified in the frame, thus giving access to 99% of data normally disposed by the PI's, who usually measure only few targets in every CCD frame. The Virtual Observatory (VO) technology is exploited here as an integral part of previewing, data reduction, bookkeeping, method of analysis and publishing.
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