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Paper: Gemini's Recipe System: A Publicly Available Instrument-agnostic Pipeline Infrastructure
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 359
Authors: Labrie, K.; Hirst, P.; Allen, C.; Hogan, E.
Abstract: Gemini's Recipe System has been in development for many years. This pipeline infrastructure has reached a maturation level that allows us to start sharing the software with external developers to get feedback and new ideas. The principles at the core of the Gemini's Recipe System are: (1) the infrastructure is "instrument-agnostic" and supports several instruments; (2) the reduction sequence dynamically adjusts to the data during processing; (3) the infrastructure must work in different reduction contexts, for example, nighttime quality assessment, desktop user scientific reduction, quick look reduction, etc. With a few exceptions, pipelines are generally developed in a static configuration and aim to reduce one type of data. Instead, our model maximizes code re-use and when a new instrument is delivered, will expedite the development of data reduction suite for that instrument since most of the pieces will already be in place. The differences in data from various instruments are kept in configuration packages rather than in the data reduction algorithms or the infrastructure. Here we present the general functional principles of the Gemini's Recipe System and some practical examples of how it can be used.
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