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Paper: The Astrophysics Source Code Library: Where Do We Go from Here?
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 477
Authors: Allen, A.; Berriman, B.; DuPrie, K.; Hanisch, R. J.; Mink, J.; Nemiroff, R. J.; Shamir, L.; Shortridge, K.; Taylor, M. B.; Teuben, P.; Wallen, J.
Abstract: The Astrophysics Source Code Library1, started in 1999, has in the past three years grown from a repository for 40 codes to a registry of over 700 codes that are now indexed by ADS. What comes next? We examine the future of the , the challenges facing it, the rationale behind its practices, and the need to balance what we might do with what we have the resources to accomplish.
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