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Paper: Scaling GDL for Multi-cores to Process Planck HFI Beams Monte Carlo on HPC
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 331
Authors: Coulais, A.; Schellens, M.; Duvert, G.; Park, J.; Arabas, S.; Erard, S.; Roudier, G.; Hivon, E.; Mottet, S.; Laurent, B.; Pinter, M.; Kasradze, N.; Ayad, M.
Abstract: After reviewing the majors progress done in GDL –now in 0.9.4– on performance and plotting capabilities since ADASS XXI paper (Coulais et al. 2012), we detail how a large code for Planck HFI beams Monte Carlo was successfully transposed from IDL to GDL on HPC.
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