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Paper: The Multi-Scale Environment of RS Cnc from CO and H I Observations
Volume: 497, Why Galaxies Care about AGB Stars III: A Closer Look in Space and Time
Page: 119
Authors: Hoai, D. T.; Matthews, L. D.; Winters, J. M.; Nhung, P. T.; Gérard, E.; Libert, Y.; Le Bertre, T.
Abstract: We present a detailed study of the circumstellar gas distribution and kinematics of the semi-regular variable star RS Cnc on spatial scales ranging from ∼1″ (∼150 AU) to ∼6′ (∼0.24 pc). The close environment of RS Cnc (from 1 to 20″) can be described with a model in which the density and velocity vary smoothly from the equatorial plane to the polar axis. In this model the mass loss rate is higher along the polar directions than in the equatorial plane, which does not favor current models invoking stellar rotation or a magnetic field as the cause of the axi-symmetry. Outside this region, the study of which is limited by the photo-dissociation of CO, H I data at 21 cm show that the flow is slowed down at a typical distance of 1′ (∼0.04 pc). Further away (1 to 6′, or 0.04 to 0.24 pc), the flow is distorted by the relative motion of the star with respect to the interstellar medium.
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