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Paper: Where is the Metallicity Ceiling to Form Carbon Stars? – A Scarcity of Carbon Stars in the Inner Disk of M31
Volume: 497, Why Galaxies Care about AGB Stars III: A Closer Look in Space and Time
Page: 479
Authors: Boyer, M. L.; Girardi, L.; Marigo, P.; Williams, B. F.; Aringer, B.; Nowotny, W.; Rosenfield, P.; Dorman, C. E.; Guhathakurta, P.; Dalcanton, J. J.; Melbourne, J. L.; Olsen, K. A. G.; Weisz, D. R.
Abstract: We have used a novel technique involving near-infrared colors from the Hubble Space Telescope to distinguish C stars from M stars in a field in M31. The resulting C/M ratio is much lower than other estimates in M31.
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