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Paper: Spectral Cube Visualisation and Explorer Tool from the Herschel Interactive Processing Environment (HIPE)
Volume: 495, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIV (ADASS XXIV)
Page: 129
Authors: de Jong, J.; Gueguen, A.; Saiz, J.; Exter, K.; De Meester, W.; Salomons, W.; McCoey, C.; Polehampton, E.; Appleton, P.; Morris, P.; Sturm, E.
Abstract: We present the interactive tool for visualizing and exploring spectral cubes of the Herschel Interactive Processing Environment (HIPE). With this GUI tool, one can easily plot the spectra within the cube, compare several cubes from the same region of the sky, and run a number of analysis tasks on them (such as computing velocity/dispersion maps or position-velocity diagrams). The tool is integrated within the Spectral Explorer from HIPE, which offers additional functionality such as an interface to the spectral fitter tool. All the actions with HIPE tools produce Python code, which can later be reused in scripts for automation. Various results can be saved as FITS files and loaded into other astronomical analysis tools.
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