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Paper: Cosmological Galaxy Formation Model with New Dust SED Model
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 35
Authors: Makiya, R.; Totani, T.; Nagashima, M.; Kobayashi, M. A. R.; Takeuchi, T. T.
Abstract: Understanding the dust emission from a galaxy is very important to obtain a full picture of galaxy formation, since it contains rich information about hidden star formation activity and physical properties of interstellar dust. Recent observations revealed that several physical quantities such as star formation rate, cold gas density, and dust surface brightness, are tightly correlated with each other (e.g., Totani et al. 2011; Sun & Hirashita 2011; Kennicutt & Evans 2012; Makiya et al. 2014). Based on those recent observational findings, we newly introduced the dust radiation process into our cosmological galaxy formation model (νGC model; Nagashima et al. 2005; Makiya et al. 2015 in prep.).
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