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Paper: CH+(1-0) Line Detection in a High-z Hyper-Luminous Galaxy SDP17b: the First Probe of a Massive Turbulent Region
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 55
Authors: Falgarone, E.; Zwaan, M.; Godard, B.; Bussmann, S.; Bergin, E.; Omont, A.; Bournaud, F.; Elbaz, D.; Andreani, P.
Abstract: We illustrate the power of CH+ spectroscopy at high spectral resolution with the first detection by ALMA of a CH+(J=1-0) line in an hyper-luminous galaxy, SDP17b at z=2.3. Unlike other molecular tracers, the unique chemical and spectroscopic properties of the CH+ cation make it a tracer of the turbulent energy trail, from its scale of injection to that of dissipation at which CH+ forms. In SDP17b, CH+ emission and absorption are detected. The emission line is broad and the absorption is seen against the dust continuum and the emission. The absorption probes a massive turbulent region of low density, while the emission may arise in a large number of irradiated shocks that could be located in the large turbulent region or in the star-forming disk.
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