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Paper: Optical and NIR Polarimetry of a Core L328 with Proto-Brown Dwarf
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 293
Authors: Soam; A.; Kwon, J.; Maheswar, G.; Tamura, M.; Lee, C. W.
Abstract: LDN 328 is cited as an example of a fairly isolated clump contracting to form multiple sub-cores possibly through gravitational fragmentation. In one of these sub-cores, a proto-brown dwarf (L328-IRS) candidate is in the process of formation through the self-gravitating contraction. We present results of our optical and near infrared polarisation observations of regions towards LDN 328. Results from the present study suggest that the magnetic field may be playing a vital role even in the cores that are forming sub-stellar sources.
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