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Paper: Spectral Line Survey and Mapping Observations toward the HVCC CO–0.40–0.22
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 175
Authors: Oka, T.; Mizuno, R.; Miura, K.; Takekawa, S.; Tanaka, K.
Abstract: We performed a 3 mm band line survey toward CO–0.40–0.22, a small cloud with an extremely large velocity width (Δ V∼90 km s-1) in the central molecular zone of our Galaxy, using the Mopra 22 m telescope. We surveyed the frequency range between 76 GHz and 116 GHz detecting 54 lines from 32 molecules. Analyzing line profiles carefully, we concluded that CH3OH, HC3N, H2CS, SiO, and SO lines are good probes for this cloud. We also have performed deep OTF mapping observations of CO–0.40–0.22 with the NRO 45 m telescope in these probes. Spatial-velocity behaviors of these probes show that this cloud consists of an intense component with shallow velocity gradient and a less intense high-velocity wing. This kinematical structure can be explained by the gravitational kick of a molecular cloud by an invisible compact object with a mass of ∼105 M☉.
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