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Paper: Candidate Filament Collision in the SMC; Energy Distribution within the SFR N66/NGC346
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 251
Authors: Muller; E.; Kempen; T.; Mizuno; N.; Kawamura; A.; Minamidani; T.
Abstract: The N66 nebula in the SMC is associated with NGC346, the brightest, most magnificent and iconic star-forming region in the metal-poor and CO-underluminous Small Magellanic Cloud. More than half the entire SMC O-star population and 6% of the current-era starformation is located in this small ∼ 80 pc region. The little research undertaken towards N66 focuses on only measurements of the CO and continuum surface-brightness, without a detailed kinematic and energetic emphasis. We explore these aspects here, and discuss a candidate formation scenario for this astonishing, and entirely enigmatic structure in the SMC.
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