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Paper: ALMA Polarization: Current Status and Extension of Capability
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 359
Authors: Nakanishi, K.; Nagai, H.; Fomalont, E.; Cortes, P.; Remijan, A.; Vlahakis, C.; Corder, S.; Moellenbrock, G.; Tang, Y.-W.; Hills, R.; ALMA science team
Abstract: Outcomes of characterization and verification works on the ALMA polarization capability are reported. The works were done from both system engineering and scientific point of view. Polarization leakage properties, which directly affect polarization sensitivity, have been investigated intensively, and we found that its amplitude is small (less than several %) and stable over time in the continuum observation mode. It turned out ALMA is capable to observe polarized flux of less than 1% of the total flux for spatially compact continuum source. Polarization observations are offered to the user community from Early Science Cycle 2. We are making an effort to extend the ALMA polarization capability. As a first step, we are now intensively working on high spectral resolution (spectral line) observations.
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