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Paper: Deep Mapping Observations of the Galactic Circumnuclear Disk with Two Single-dish Telescopes
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 171
Authors: Takekawa, S.; Oka, T.; Tanaka, K.
Abstract: The circumnuclear disk (CND) is a potential reservoir for material accreting into the central parsec of our Galaxy. Two giant molecular clouds (GMCs; +20 km s-1 and +50 km s-1 clouds) are adjacent to the CND. Although several authors have suggested the physical connection between these GMCs and the CND, no compelling evidence of physical connections has been found to date. Recently we have performed deep OTF mapping observations of the CND with the NRO 45 m radio telescope and the ASTE 10 m telescope in the HCN J=1–0, SiO J=2–1, CS J=2–1, HCO+ J=4–3 lines, etc. We discovered a bridge in the l-b-V space which connects the CND and the +20 km s-1 cloud. We interpret this as a gas streamer from outside to the CND.
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