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Paper: Photometric and Polarimetric Observations of Be/X-Ray and Be/Gamma-Ray Binaries
Volume: 506, Bright Emissaries: Be Stars as Messengers of Star-Disk Physics
Page: 295
Authors: Moritani, Y.; Akitaya, H.; Ebisuda, N.; Itoh, R.; Kanda, Y.; Kawabata, M.; Kawaguchi, K.; Mori, K.; Nakaoka, T.; Ohashi, Y.; Takaki, K.; Ueno, I.; Ui, T.; Urano, T.; Yoshida, M.
Abstract: Be/X-ray and Be/γ-ray binaries are systems comprised of a Be star and a compact object. In these systems, the Be disk plays an important role in their high-energy activities through the interaction with the compact object. Because of highly eccentric orbits, the interaction depends on the orbital phase in Be/X and Be/γ-ray binaries. Such interaction affects the Be disk structure, causing photometric and polarimetric variabilities. In order to search for photometric and polatimetric variability in Be/X-ray and Be/γ-ray binaries, we have monitored several systems with the polarimeter attached to Hiroshima 1.5m Kanata telescope, Japan. Our two-year monitor finds that some programmed systems show photometric variations and a few systems show polatimatric variabilities.
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