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Paper: Long-Term Spectral Variability of the Spotted Star IN Com
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 149
Authors: Alekseev, I. Yu.; Kozlova, O. V.; Gorda, S. Yu.; Avvakumova, E. A.; Kozhevnikova, A. V.
Abstract: We present long-term (2004–2016) spectral observations (R = 20000) of IN Com in the regions of Hα, Hβ and He I 5876 Å lines. The unique feature of the stellar spectrum is the presence of the extended two-component emission with limits up to ± 400 km s-1 in the Hα line. Emission parameters show the rotation modulation with the stellar rotation period and a significant variability on the long-term scale. Similar emission is also observed in Hβ and He I 5876 Å lines. Our results allow us to conclude that observational emission profiles are formed in optically thin hot gas. It is a result of presence of a circumstellar gas disk around IN Com. Its size is not exceed several stellar radii. The matter for the disk is supported by stellar wind. Detected variability of Hα emission parameters shows evident relation with UBVRI photometric activity of the star. This fact allowed us to link the long-term spectral variability with cycles of stellar activity of IN Com.
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