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Paper: Results of a Long-Term Spectral and Photometric Monitoring of the Herbig Ae Star HD 179218
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 153
Authors: Kozlova, O. V.; Alekseev, I. Yu.
Abstract: We present the results of the long-term spectroscopic and photometric monitoring of the Herbig Ae star HD 179218. The high-resolution spectra (R = 20000) were made on the 2.6-m telescope at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (CrAO) in the regions of Hα emission line. The photometric observations were obtained on 1.25-m telescope AZT-11 (CrAO) equipped with the UBVRI electrophotometer-polarimeter. Our results showed that Hα emission parameters demonstrate the long- term variability on the time scale about 4000 days. The same variability is observed in the change of the stellar brightness in V-band. The unusual behavior the V–I color index depending on the stellar brightness in the V-band can be concluded that around the star there is an additional source of IR-radiation. We believe that the obtained results can be explained by the presence in the vicinity of HD 179218 a low-mass component.
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