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Paper: Oxygen-Sodium Anticorrelation in Field RR Lyr-Type Stars
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 184
Authors: Andrievsky, S.; Korotin, S.; Lyashko, D.; Tsymbal, V.
Abstract: We have performed analysis of a large amount of the fields RR Lyr type stars spectra with the aim to derive NLTE oxygen and sodium abundances in our program stars. Fundamental parameters (Teff, log g, Vt) and metallicity were found using the method of the fitting between synthetic and observed spectra using the SME program which was developed by N. Piskunov and J. A. Valenti. As a result of this analysis anticorrelation between oxygen (O/H) and sodium (Na/H) abundances was found.
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