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Paper: EZ Lyn: 5 Years of “Quiescence”
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 205
Authors: Sosnovskij, A. A.; Antonyuk, O. I.; Pavlenko, E. P.
Abstract: We present the analysis of EZ Lyn variability on the time scale of minutes-days, using photometric data obtaining with 2.6-m telescope of CrAO in 2012–2016 years. For 2012–2016 years we detected a previously unknown long-term periodicity of 0.52 d. The orbital brightness modulation could display some cycle-to cycle profile variations. We found that known non-radial white dwarf pulsation at 310 c/d is no longer dominant one, instead, a pulsation at 300 c/d became the most significant one.
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