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Paper: Detection of Low-Amplitude Photometric Variability of Magnetic White Dwarfs
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 504
Authors: Valeev, A. F.; Antonyuk, K. A.; Pit, N. V.; Moskvitin, A. S.; Grauzhanina, A. O.; Gadelshin, D. R.; Kolesnikov, S. V.; Burlakova, T. E.; Galazutdinov, G. A.; Gutaev, A. G.; Zhuchkov, R. Ya.; Ikhsanova, A. I.; Joshi, A.; Pandey, J. C.; Zhuzhulina, E. A.; Valyavin, G. G.
Abstract: We present the results of the ongoing photometric survey of magnetic white dwarfs. Variability of fluxes from WD 0009+501, GD 229, GRW+70°8247, and GD 56 has been detected. The detected variability of GD 356 is specially discussed. In case of GRW+70°8247 the V-band photometric variability amplitude is about 0fm04, the most probable period is from days to several tens of days. The degenerate GD 229 demonstrates the amplitude of the flux variation of about 0fm05 with a period between 10 and 20 days. In both cases the variability is most likely associated with rotation of these stars. These findings contradict with an idea on the existence of a special class of strong-magnetic very slowly rotating white dwarfs, the periods of which are estimated to have tens or even hundreds of years.
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