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Paper: ESA VOSpace: New Paradigm for Astronomical Data Sharing and Dissemination
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 573
Authors: Nieto, S.; Segovia, J. C.; Gutierrez, R.; Salgado, J.; Arviset, C.; Ortiz de Landaluce, I.; Osuna, P.
Abstract: In the context of the activities done by the ESAC Science Data Centre (ESDC), in charge of the development and operations of the ESA Science Archives, two main challenges are being faced; to guarantee the public access and preservation of data coming from ESA astronomical missions and to provide support to the community for new missions that produce Big Data outputs like Euclid and Gaia. In order to fulfil the second requirement, a sharing data mechanism is needed to enable the new paradigm “bring the software to the data”. This mechanism has been implemented through an ESA VOSpace service that it is expected to be made available to all ESA Science Archives users. We present the ESDC VOSpace service for astronomical data exchange within the ESAC Science Archives and the ongoing work on its interconnection with the ESA Gaia Archive that will offer the Gaia scientific community a new way of sharing data.
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