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Paper: Current Status of JVO Portal
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 585
Authors: Shirasaki, Y.; Zapart, C.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.; Kawasaki, W.; Kobayashi, T.; Kosugi, G.; Kawaguchi, T.; Eguchi, S.; Ishihara, Y.; Yamada, H.; Hiyama, T.; Nakamoto, H.
Abstract: JVO portal is an astronomical data discovery service utilizing the Virtual Observatory as a basic data search system, and it can be accessible at The main features of the JVO portal are: (1) quick search on multiple major big catalogs, (2) dedicated search interface for Subaru and ALMA dataset, (3) VO-enabled data search. We started to redesign the VO search interface in 2013 to improve the usability of VO data search functionalities, and the redesigned interface is open to public as an experimental version of JVO portal v2. On this version, the most of the fundamental VO search interfaces such as "SingleScope", "MultiScope", "VOTable viewer", "JVOSpace" and so on are implemented with a graphical user interfaces which are easy to foresee the flow of the search procedure and provide unified look-and-feel. JVOSky service is one of the search interfaces provided on JVO portal, and it was first developed based on the Google Sky. As the Google Sky has a disadvantaged in displaying data at polar regions, we updated the JVOSky to version 3 which utilize the Aladin-Lite developed by CDS. ALMA data search interface has also been updated since the last Demo presentation at ADASS XXIII.
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