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Paper: Gaia Archive As Part of the Data Generation Process for GDR1
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 81
Authors: Durán, J.; González, J.; Segovia, J. C.; Gutiérrez-Sánchez, R.; Salgado, J.; Hernandez, J.; Merín, B.; Arviset, C.
Abstract: The ESAC Science Data Center group (ESDC) at ESA/ESAC was heavily involved in the generation of, and was in charge of, the publication of the Gaia Data Release 1 in the Gaia Archive. The ESDC group contributed to the generation of the GAIA and TGAS Catalogues. This task required a filtering process of the original data to remove all sources that do not meet the quality requirements. Once these filters were applied, the number of GAIA sources goes beyond 1.1 Billion and beyond 2 Millions in the case of TGAS sources. Several transformations were also needed for the original data before it could be part of the final release and ingested in the Gaia Archive. Aside from the mentioned catalogues, five more tables containing only variable sources were also part of the Gaia Data Release 1. ESDC also participated in the generation of those tables and was responsible for its ingestion in the Gaia Archive. We present here the tool ESDC designed and developed to generate all mentioned tables and to publish them in the Gaia Archive.
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