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Paper: Euclidizing External Tools: An Example from SDC-IT on How to Handle Software and Humanware
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 199
Authors: Romelli, E.; Frailis, M.; Galeotta, S.; Tavagnacco, D.; Maino, D.; Vuerli, C.; Maggio, G.; Taffoni, G.; Euclid, t.; Euclid Consortium
Abstract: Euclid is an upcoming space mission aimed at studying the dark Universe and understanding the nature of the so called Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Overall, Euclid will produce about 30 Petabytes of image data and the data processing will be a crucial aspect of the mission. A distributed computing system, with resources located in several Science Data Centers (SDCs), has been implemented and any software designed for Euclid must comply with a predefined framework. SDCs are in charge of the integration of external code within the official Euclid software environment. We will present an overview of the work performed by the Italian SDC in Trieste, taking into account the technicality and the crucial, but usually ignored, aspect of human interfaces.
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