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Paper: DRAGONS – Data Reduction for Astronomy from Gemini Observatory North and South
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 321
Authors: Labrie, K.; Anderson, K.; Cárdenes, R.; Simpson, C.; Turner, J. E. H.
Abstract: DRAGONS, Data Reduction for Astronomy from Gemini Observatory North and South, is Gemini's new Python-based data reduction platform. DRAGONS offers an automation system that allows for hands-off pipeline reduction of Gemini data, or of any other astronomical data once configured. The platform also allows researchers to control input parameters and in some cases will offer to interactively optimize some data reduction steps, e.g., change the order of fit and visualize the new solution. The project makes good use of other open source projects. The data interface, Astrodata, uses at its core Astropy's NDData and io.fits. The input parameters configuration system uses a slightly modified version of LSST's pex.config. The project is also working with the Astropy community to define the tools needed for building spectroscopic data reduction packages. DRAGONS is used at the observatory for nighttime quality assessment. The same software will be used for quicklook reduction of target-of-opportunity and LSST follow-up observations, and as the tool the researchers can use to prepare their Gemini data for analysis.
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