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Paper: GDL – GNU Data Language 0.9.9
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 365
Authors: Coulais, A.; Duvert, G.; Jung, G.; Arabas, S.; Flinois, S.; Lounis, a. A. S.
Abstract: On behalf of the GDL team, we announce the 0.9.9 release of GDL, the GNU Data Language. GDL is a free and open-source drop-in replacement for IDL, the Interactive Data Language, which has served the astronomical community for many years. This release comes 15 years after Marc Schellens first made GDL public, and it marks several milestones attesting to the maturity of the project. Among these are updates to the plotting functionalities, major advances in the Windows implementation, a native support for IDL save files, and performance improvements.
The presentation will summarize current availability of packaged versions of GDL, compatibility with popular IDL-written astronomy-related software, potential directions for the upcoming releases, and the key areas where GDL could benefit from further user feedback and new contributions.
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