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Paper: Driving Gaia Science from the ESA Archive: DR2 to DR3
Volume: 523, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII
Page: 417
Authors: González-N'uñez, J.; Salgado, J.; Gutiérrez-Sánchez, R.; Segovia, J.; Durán, J.; Racero, E.; Osinde, J.; de Teodoro, P.; Mora, A.; Bakker, J.; U.Lammers; Merín, B.; Arviset, C.; Aguado-Agelet, F.
Abstract: Released 25th April, Gaia DR2 hosted in the ESA Gaia archive is leading a paradigm shift in the way astronomers access and process astronomical data in ESA archives. An unprecedented active community of thousands of scientists is making use of the latest IVOA protocols and services (TAP, DataLink) in this archive, benefitting from remote execution and persistent, authenticated, server side services to speed up data exploration and analysis. The availability of a dedicated Python library for this purpose is connecting the archive data to new data processing workflows. The infrastructure serving this data has been upgraded from DR1, now making use of replication, clustering, high performance hardware, and scalable data distribution systems in new ways for ESA astronomical archives. VO orientation of the archive has been strengthened by the provision of Time Series in DR2 through use of a VO-aware format and protocol.
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