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Paper: The Recent Developmental Status of SNEGRAF: a Web-Based Gravitational Wave Signal Analyzer
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 93
Authors: Eguchi, S.; Shibagaki, S.; Hayama, K.; Kotake, K.
Abstract: Unveiling physical processes in a supernova is one of challenging topics of modern physics and astrophysics since that event is due to particle physics on a stellar scale and tightly related to nucleosynthesis in Universe. Multi-messenger astronomy, a combination, such as of electromagnetic-wave, gravitational-wave, and neutrino observations, will be a breakthrough to the puzzle. To boost the research, we released a web-based gravitational wave signal analyzer “SuperNova Event Gravitational-wave-display in Fukuoka (SNEGRAF)” last year. We are now working on an integration of the application with the RIDGE pipeline, which is for a coherent network analysis between the LIGO, VIRGO, and KAGRA observations, and implemented in MATLAB. In the basic design phase, we decided to wrap RIDGE with a simple Python script and make it listen for connections from SNEGRAF. This design enables these two programs to be hosted on different servers independently, and minimizes the cyber risks of RIDGE. In this paper, we report the current developmental status of our system.
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