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Paper: ESA Datalabs: Multi Mission Science Exploitation and Preservation Platform
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 287
Authors: Navarro, V.; Álvarez, R.; Río, S. D.; Guerra, R.; Martín-Rubio, V.; Diego, M. &.; Ramos, N. A. V.; Marques, A. L.; Henriques, X. R.; Pereira, A.; Basso, D. M.; Héliou, A.; Marseille, M.
Abstract: Nowadays Space and Earth observation data collected by space-borne and ground-based sensors, as well as other space applications such as Satellite Navigation, are promoting the adoption of Big Data technologies given the sheer volume of sensed data. In this context, downloading the data for its subsequent analysis has become a non-viable procedure. Simultaneously, archives for ESA space science missions hosted at the ESAC Science Data Centre are being complemented by the new GNSS Science Support Centre, which aims to consolidate a world-wide reference centre for the GNSS Community. Traditionally, the scenario herewith depicted would have led to the implementation of vertical systems for these two different domains. ESA Datalabs leverages on past experiences to deliver a Multi-Mission Science Exploitation and Preservation Platform implementing a unified, secured, scalable and extensible analysis framework. ESA Datalabs shall foster research and innovation through the integration of transversal big data, container and notebook technologies with domain specific ones like VO-Space, TAP or ADQL, among others.
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