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Paper: Time Domain Astronomy with DRAGONS at Gemini Observatory
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 535
Authors: Labrie, K.; Simpson, C.; Anderson, K.; Turner, J. E. H.; Quint, B.
Abstract: Supporting Time–Domain Astronomy (TDA) and Multi–Messenger Astronomy is a key future role for Gemini Observatory as identified in its recent Strategic Scientific Plan. The fulfillment of the objectives laid down in that plan requires rapid response to time–critical observations and the quick distribution of the reduced data products. While Gemini is already able to schedule rapid–response observations, these data are not processed expeditiously, limiting further real–time decisions from being made. We are developing a "quick–look" pipeline to enable the real–time reduction and distribution of time–critical observations. The reduction pipeline is built with DRAGONS, Gemini's new data reduction platform. GOA, the Gemini Observatory Archive, is the main actor for the distribution of the raw data and the quick–look reduction products. This paper discusses the data reduction portion of the project, from raw data on disk to processed data available from the GOA, including the objectives, challenges and some of the new algorithms and tools being developed.
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