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Paper: MeerKATHI - an End-to-End Data Reduction Pipeline for MeerKAT and Other Radio Telescopes
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 635
Authors: Józsa, G. I. G.; White, S. V.; Thorat, K.; Smirnov, O. M.; Serra, P.; Ramatsoku, M.; Ramaila, A. J. T.; Perkins, S. J.; Molnár, D. C.; Makhathini, S.; Maccagni, F. M.; Kleiner, D.; Kamphuis, P.; Hugo, B. V.; de Blok, W. J. G.; Andati, L. A. L.; MeerKATHI collaboration
Abstract: MeerKATHI is the current development name for a radio–interferometric data reduction pipeline, assembled by an international collaboration. We create a publicly available end–to–end continuum– and line imaging pipeline for MeerKAT and other radio telescopes. We implement advanced techniques that are suitable for producing high–dynamic–range continuum images and spectroscopic data cubes. Using containerization, our pipeline is platform–independent. Furthermore, we are applying a standardized approach for using a number of different of advanced software suites, partly developed within our group. We aim to use distributed computing approaches throughout our pipeline to enable the user to reduce larger data sets like those provided by radio telescopes such as MeerKAT. The pipeline also delivers a set of imaging quality metrics that give the user the opportunity to efficiently assess the data quality.
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