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Paper: Marvin: A Toolkit for Streamlined Access and Visualisation of the SDSS-IV MaNGA Data Set
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 743
Authors: Cherinka, B.; Andrews, B. H.; Sánchez–Gallego, J.; Brownstein, J.; Argudo–Fernández, M.; Blanton, M.; Bundy, K.; Jones, A.; Masters, K.; Law, D. R.; Rowlands, K.; Weijmans, A.; Westfall, K.; Yan, R.
Abstract: This proceeding introduces Marvin, a software suite of tools to interact with the MaNGA dataset. MaNGA, a SDSS-IV survey, provides integral field spectroscopy of a sample of nearly 10,000 galaxies. As part of the most recent SDSS data release, DR15, Marvin has been made public. Marvin is a tool designed for streamlined access to the MaNGA data, optimised for overcoming the challenges of searching, accessing, and visualising the complexity of the MaNGA dataset. Marvin has two main components: a Web Interface, for a quick visual exploration, and a Python package of tools, for more in-depth scientific analysis and inclusion in your science workflow.
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