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Paper: Photospheric Dynamic Model of Magnetic Reconnection
Volume: 358, Solar Polarization 4
Page: 76
Authors: Berrilli, F.; Viticchie, B.; Del Moro, D.; Egidi A.
Abstract: We present a dynamic model of the atmospheric magnetic field in which magnetic loop footpoints are controlled by photospheric flows computed through a N-body algorithm. This simulation reproduces a system whose behaviour is characterized by small scale (e.g., granular) advection flows that interact to form large spatial organization scales (e.g., meso- and super-granulation). In this model the passive advection of magnetic footpoints through photospheric spatio-temporal correlated flows causes the magnetic field to reconfigure as a consequence of magnetic reconnection processes. This approach, based on the dynamic model of multiple magnetic loops (Hughes et al. 2003) and on an advective-interaction model proposed by Rast (2003), naturally accounts for the observed probability distribution functions and waiting time statistics of the emitted magnetic energy.
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