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Paper: Solar Spectro-Polarimetry at Pic-du-Midi/LJR
Volume: 358, Solar Polarization 4
Page: 167
Authors: Arnaud, J.; Roudier, T.; Malherbe, J.-M.; Moity, J.
Abstract: A modern polarization analysis package was installed in 2004 at the 50 cm Pic-du-Midi solar telescope (Lunette Jean Rösch-LJR) by one of us (JMM) to complement LJR instrumentation which already included a spectrograph built by Z. Mouradian (LESIA), an MSDP device built by P. Mein (LESIA), and one La Vision CCD camera bought by R. Muller (LATT) and installed by one of us (JMM). We describe hereafter characteristics of the telescope and of its instrumentation and present some of the first Zeeman and Hanle effects measurements obtained using LJR new polarimeter.
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