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Paper: Balmer-Line Diagnostics of Accelerated Particles
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 431
Authors: Kashapova, L.K.; Kotrc, P.; Kupryakov, Yu.A.
Abstract: Preliminary results of empirical study of a non-thermal electron effect on Hα/Hα line intensity ratio in solar flares are presented. Analysis of spectral observations of the 26 June 1999 flare revealed some peculiarities of the Hα/Hβ line intensity ratio (the “sidelobes”) in the emission kernels associated with radio bursts and HXR emission that could be considered as an indirect evidence of accelerated non-thermal particle beams. According to our conclusions they appeared due to non-thermal electron beam effects. Consequently, the obtained results confirmed the theoretical predictions and bore a first witness for a detection of the spatial and temporal presence or absence of the non-thermal electron beams in optical spectra. However, as a more statistically probative evidence was needed, we extended our analysis on two flares where presence of non-thermal mechanisms of excitation was verified by HXR data. The obtained results are quite promising as concerns of diagnostics of the energy release and transfer mechanisms during the flare.
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