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Paper: Radio-mm-FIR Photometric Redshifts for (Sub-)mm Galaxies
Volume: 375, From Z-Machines to ALMA: (Sub)Millimeter Spectroscopy of Galaxies
Page: 140
Authors: Aretxaga, I.; Hughes, D.H.; Dunlop, J.S.
Abstract: We present a comparison between the published optical, IR, and CO spectroscopic redshifts of 86 (sub-)mm galaxies and their photometric redshifts as derived from long-wavelength (radio-mm-FIR) photometric data. The redshift accuracy measured for 13 sub-mm galaxies with at least one robustly determined color in the radio-mm-FIR regime and additional constraining upper limits is Δz ≈ 0.30. This accuracy degrades to Δz ≈ 0.65 when only the 1.4GHz/850 μm spectral index is used, as derived from the analysis of a subsample of 58 galaxies with robustly determined redshifts. Despite the wide range of spectral energy distributions in the local galaxies that are used in an unbiased manner as templates, this analysis demonstrates that photometric redshifts can be efficiently derived for sub-mm galaxies with a precision of Δz < 0.5 using only the rest-frame FIR to radio wavelength data, sufficient to guide the tuning of broad-band heterodyne observations (e.g., 100m GBT, 50m LMT, ALMA) or aid redshift determination in the case of a single line detection by these experiments.
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