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Paper: BeppoSAX Observations of XRF 020427 and its Afterglow
Volume: 312, Third Rome Workshop on Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era
Page: 189
Authors: Amati, L.; Capalbi, M.; Frontera, F.; Guidorzi, C.; Landi, R.; Montanari, E.; Soffitta, P.; in 't Zand, J.J.M.
Abstract: We report preliminary results of the BeppoSAX measurements of the prompt and afterglow emission of XRF 020427, the second XRF for which X-ray afterglow emission was detected. We include in our analysis also the public data of the Chandra follow-up observation of this source. Our observations indicate that XRFs are characterized by the same afterglow emission properties of GRBs and favor the hypothesis that their extreme softness is due to inefficient shocks rather than a high off-axis viewing angle or a relatively high redshift.
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