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Paper: A Steady, Radiative-Shock Method for Computing X-Ray Emission from Colliding Stellar Winds in Close, Massive Star Binaries
Volume: 367, Massive Stars in Interactive Binaries
Page: 165
Authors: Antokhin, I.I.; Owocki, S.P.; Brown, J.C.
Abstract: We present a practical, efficient semi-analytic formalism for computing steady-state X-ray emission from radiative shocks from colliding stellar winds in relatively close (orbital period up to order tens of days), massive-star, binary systems. Our simplified approach idealizes the individual wind flows as smooth and steady, ignoring the intrinsic instabilities and associated structure thought to occur in such flows. By also suppressing thin-shell instabilities for wind-collision radiative shocks, our steady-state approach avoids the extensive structure and mixing that has thus far precluded reliable computation of X-ray emission spectra from time-dependent hydrodynamical simulations of close-binary, wind-collision systems; but in ignoring the unknown physical level of such mixing, the luminosity and hardness of X-ray spectra derived here represent upper limits to what is possible for a given set of wind and binary parameters.
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