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Paper: Lyα Emission from GRB Host Galaxies
Volume: 312, Third Rome Workshop on Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era
Page: 279
Authors: Fynbo, J.P.U.; Thomsen, B.; Egholm, M.P.; Weidinger, M.; Moller, P.; Hjorth, J.; Pedersen, H.; Jensen, B.L.; Gorosabel, J.; Andersen, M.I.; Holland, S.T.
Abstract: Lyα emission is indicative of on-going star formation in a dust-poor environment. Lyα imaging is therefore a probe of the star formation rate and of the dust-content of Gamma-Ray Burst host galaxies. Both of these parameters are central to our understanding of GRB progenitors and of how the environments affect the propagation of afterglow emission out of host galaxies. We have started a program aimed at imaging high redshift (z > 2) host galaxies of GRBs at the Lyα resonance line from neutral hydrogen. Here we report the results from imaging of the fields of GRB 000301C and GRB 000926 and outline upcoming observations of further hosts.
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