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Paper: Relativistic Inflow in the Seyfert 1 Mrk 335 Revealed through X-ray Absorption
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 341
Authors: Longinotti, A.L.; Sim, S.; Nandra, K.; Cappi, M.; O'Neill, P.
Abstract: The analysis of hard X-ray features in XMM-Newton data of the bright Sy 1 galaxy Mrk 335 is reported here. The presence of a broad, ionized iron Kα emission line in the spectrum, first found by Gondoin et al. (2002), is confirmed. The broad line can be modeled successfully by relativistic accretion disc reflection models. Regardless of the underlying continuum we report, for the first time in this source, the detection of a narrow absorption feature at the rest frame energy of 5.9 keV. If the feature is identified with a resonance absorption line of iron in a highly ionized medium, the redshift of the line corresponds to an inflow velocity of ~ 0.11 − 0.15c. Preliminary results from a longer (100 ks) exposure are also presented.
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